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One-year Membership Fee Two-year Membership Fee Three-year Membership Fee
Basic Membership $25 USD $50 USD $70 USD
Student Membership (2) $10 USD $15 USD ——–

Institutional Membership
Includes journal

$500 USD $1000 USD $1500 USD
Supporting Membership (3) $100 USD $175 USD $225 USD
Life Membership 10X to 20X Basic fee; please ask

1) Guaranteed low journal price for three years; 2) Needs to be renewed every two years
3) Includes Basic membership plus donation to support eligible members under financial hardship

Fee Remittance (two options):
1. Make out check or money order in $USD or $CAD, payable to PAMBA. Mail completed form and payment to:

Brian Dixon

Department of Biology

University of Waterloo, 200 University Ave West, Waterloo, Ontario. Canada N2L 3G1

Ph. (519) 888-4567 x32665

Fax. (519) 746-0614

2. Payment by Credit Card or from Pay Pal Account: Send email to and request that the Membership Secretary send you an invoice through Pay Pal.